The Elite Cup will be the highlight of the festival. See the best local and national triathletes take part in a draft legal high action race. If you regularly finish within the top 15 overall in triathlons this is the event for you. 

The Elite race has been included at part of the Triathlon New Zealand National Junior Series. This does not mean the event is a junior only race it is open to all ages but there will likely be more juniors present than past years so spice up the event. 

We will be sticking with the same format as past years with a back to back, double super sprint triathlon.
Race distances will be 2 x (350m swim / 10km bike / 2.5km run). All draft legal on the bike.

To spice it up further the women will have a head start on the men and the first to reach the finish line will receive a cash bonus

Course Description: twice through the following course (back to back)

  • Swim Course – the swim will be 350m in the fresh waters of the town lake. 
  • BikeCourse – two laps (10km) for each of the bike legs for each of the bike legs. Drafting allowed but we do not have road closure so normal road rules apply (refer to race rules)
  • Run Course – runs will be one lap of the lake = 2.5km


Minimum prize money will be the same for males and females. 1st = $400, 2nd $250, 3rd = $150, 4th = $75, 5th = $50. First over the line bonus 1st = $200, 2nd = $100, 3rd = $50