• Age is taken from 31st December in the year of the event
  • Race #1: Juniors 9-11 years old  
    • Swim 125m (or a 1km run) 
    • Bike 5km (1 lap)
    • Run 2.5km
  • Race #2 Junior 12-13 years old  (note 13 year olds can choose to do this race or the Pegasus Classic)
    • Swim 125m (or a 1km run)  
    • Bike 10km(2 laps) 
    • Run 2.5km
  • We also have a kids mini tri for 5- 8 year olds CLICK HERE

Course Description
Swim / Run Course - the swim will be 125m. Kids will be out of their depth. * this year we will offer a duathlon option to replace the swim with a 1km run
Bike Course  – the bike will be 1 or 2 laps of the course. Any type of bike is allowed. You do not need a racing road bike; the only thing we will insist on is that you wear a cycle helmet. Please keep to the far left at all times.
Run Course – the run will be one lap of the lake = 2.5km.