KIDS MINI TRI 5-8 year olds

The 5 to 8 year olds is a huge amount of fun. The focus is on participation and having fun learning about triathlon. Parental help will be required in transition to put shoes on and also help marshalling the course would be appreciated as the more helpers the better to make sure kids feel comfortable.

The swim will be a short swim/wade in the bay with kids not being out of their depth

The bike will be 2/3 of the adult course (roads are closed to traffic). Any sort of bike is fine. The transition to the run will be in the area just before the bridge. The run will then follow the path to the finish with a distance of ~800m


  • Swim - this is not located at the same beach as the other events during the day, allow time to walk to the next beach north
  • Bike - bikes are lined up on the grass behind the beach. For the younger kids adults can ride with their children but not encourage them to give an unfair advantage.
  • Run - bikes are left at the run change over point which we know is not ideal as you have to go back to collect them after the race but it is the easiest solution to have a nice distance for the kids. 

MAP FOR KIDS 5-8 Year Olds