“The Fendalton Eye Clinic Team Challenge” is a team triathlon made up of three people (swimmer, cyclist and runner or runner/biker/runner).

Please note we also have a Loop the Lake relay this year (3 team members each completing 5km). This is listed under the "loop the lake" event

The distances are Swim 500m or Run 3km / Bike 15km / Run 5km    
Course Description

  • Swim Course – the swim will be 500m in the fresh waters of the town lake 
  • OR Run - 1 lap of the long course = 2.5km. 

LEG 2 - Bike Course – the bike will be 3 laps of the course = 15km.  Please keep to the far left at all times. No drafting allowed (see race rules)
LEG 3 - Run Course – the run will be two laps of the lake for a total of 5km

Team Tag: The biker rackshis/her bike. Next to transition there will be a team tag area. The swimmer (or 1st runner) exits the swim and runs to this area and hands over timing chip strap to the biker. At the conclusion of the bike leg the biker racks his/her bike and runs to the team tag area and passes on timing chip strap to runner. All three team members can run down the finish chute together