We want to help you to have the best day you can by adding some basic training programmes up here along with race tips.

Training programmes

  • First up we have Try a Tri - if you are getting ready for your first event this will be ideal for you. CLICK HERE for a 10 week training programme

General tips


  • When you go to put your wetsuit on put a supermarket plastic bag over your hands and feet and everything will slide on so much easier
  • When you approach the end of the swim don't try to stand up until you can tough the bottom with your hand.
  • Practice getting your wetsuit off fast after every swim so it is second nature come race day


  • When cornering on the flat or downhill you should have your inside knee up and at the same time press down gently with your outside foot. This will give you greater balance on the bike
  • When you approach a U turn or roundabout in the race change down 1-2 gears so it is easier to accelerate out of the corner/turn
  • Aero bars are the cheapest piece of equipment that gives the biggest gain. But you need to practise on them a lot to get comfortable
  • Most races are non drafting which means you must leave 3 bike lengths between yourself and the rider in front of you


  • Everyone gets tired on the run. Have a process to work through
    • First check your posture and fix accordingly
    • Second make sure you are maintaining good cadence / leg turn over
    • Thirdly find a landmark to focus on and simply aim to get there as quickly as you can rather than worrying about the run in its entirety 
    • Finally give yourself a talking to and get on with it. The pain is only temporary